Quick Note From Rev. Fife



Dear Memebers and Friends of Elmwood Avenue Baptist

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made my welcome dinner a success. I know if I try to mention every individual, I'll miss someone. You who dug right in and helped know who you are. Thank you! I met two new families who indicated they intended to begin worshipping with us. Let's hope and pray that happens. This Sunday was the first time I participated in the senior choir. Kudos go to Georgia for placing the sheet music on my chair.

The next week or two I will be contining my sermon series on “Bad Girls of the Bible.  I trust  those who come and worship will find something in these messages that will help in their  spiritual walk. The next sermon series after we finish “Bad Girls of the Bible will have to do
with Thanksgiving and gratitude, a subject that hopefully we can all learn from.

Respectfully submitted
Rev. David Fife